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Marble Worktops


Marble is a historically beautiful material. While it is only available in the small range of colours in which it naturally occurs, marble always makes for a stunning surface. Used throughout the centuries in building design and artistic sculpting, the veined stone is instantly recognisably rich. Marble has always been a popular choice with our clientele and is an industry favourite. We source our natural marble from high-quality suppliers crafting the stone into a templated shape that you need, just as workable as granite.

Marble is easy to look after and a fantastically practical surface. Able to withstand tough treatment, due to it’s hardness and density, our marble worktop solutions will pass the test of time. Like the Roman and Greek statues that still stand after 2000 years of history, you can expect serious longevity from marble. Throughout it’s long life it keeps it’s rich textures and quality, meaning that for years your classy marble worktop will wow visitors to your home. We’ve been dealing with marble in worktop design and manufacture for a number of years now, and our brilliant consultants will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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