How to take care of stone countertop


Stone countertops

Stone countertops – key facts Stone countertops have a lot of benefits which can’t be denied. They are highly durable and resistant to all kinds of factors. Heat, moist, humidity, impact or scratches can do no damage to stone countertops. They are perfectly fitted for kitchens, where busy everyday activity can be truly harmful for… Read more »

Short history of London kitchens


London kitchens

Kitchens in the past Famous book entitled The Birth of the English Kitchen 1600-1850 analyses the birth of early modern kitchen as we know it today. It’s an amazing study, which intertwines the beginnings and development of kitchen with historical perspective, gender construction, role of husband and wife and even politics. It all bagan when… Read more »

What you should know about PM Granite?


So you have visited our website, probably in search of a perfect granite worktop or an expert stonemason that is able to prepare anything out of natural or artificial stone. Look no further, as PM Granite is the only company you will need when it comes to kitchen worktops, bathroom tops and finishing, stone walls,… Read more »

Designs of kitchen countertops


The most trendy designs of kitchen countertops. Counter tops are said to be one of the most important kitchen elements. Because of this reason, it is very important to choose the proper material and design of counter tops you would like to buy. There are two main standards which perfect counter tops need to satisfy…. Read more »

Where to go if you want to get kitchen countertops in London?


Kitchen countertops in London

Kitchen countertops in London and where to find them Kitchen countertops are at the very heart of your kitchen. They swarm with everyday activity, which slowly but inevitably wears them down. Of course you take care of your heart to fully enjoy your life, don’t forget about your kitchen countertop then. Enjoy family life which… Read more »

Where you can get the best granite worktop?


granite kitchen worktop stove

To answer this question shortly – in our stonemason company, of course! PM Granite has years of experience on the stone market in the United Kingdom, but although skill and expertise of our employees is one of the deciding factors that determine the highest possible quality of our kitchen worktops, it is not the only… Read more »

The best materials for the production of bathroom worktops


bathroom worktop marble

Bathroom worktops can be created from stone, glass, wood, metal, conglomerate, composite or can simply be laminated. However, the best material for the bathroom is inevitably stone – most commonly worktops and bathroom tops are made of granite or marble, as these are the best natural stone for construction and decorative purposes. This is mainly… Read more »