Kitchen granite worktop

Who We Are

We are an ambitious collective of experienced stonemasons who came to form PMGranite as a way to best create exciting products for our customers.

Our philosophy

We value our customers very much. Part of our job is to put the customer at the centre of the process. Our consultation stage is key in allowing us to follow through with a product that is just what they imagined. We are creating living space for people, this is much more than just business. From design or stone choice to convenient and swift installation, we’ve considered all practicalities.

We are sincere about our craft. As installation engineers and stone masons we love what we do. We love seeing the difference that we can make to a customer’s enjoyment of their home. Taking our trade seriously has been part of success and growth. It’s through our passion that we can offer dynamic product ranges and services that make the process of a new stone worktop installation seamless.

Finally, we believe in our product. We have absolute confidence in what we do and the goods we deliver. From before we have even spoken to our customer we are continually sourcing high-quality stone. To deliver a top-class product we use a top-class material to create a worktop of the best possible quality.

To sum up, PM Granite Ltd is about excellence. Our team want to bring that creativity and disciplined craftsmanship to you through our brilliant service.

Our operating areas

We work mostly across the M-25 area and have designed, manufactured and installed some beautiful kitchens for pleased clients across our territory. There are three core values that tend to underpin much of what we do, both with regard to customer relations and crafting of products. We provide the fastest service for London’s neighborhoods,┬áincluding Hounslow, Slough, Richmond, Sutton, Reading, Ealing, Esher, Greenwich, Hammersmith, Stains, Surrey, Wandsworth, Windsor, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea.

PM Granite Ltd is a brand you can trust. Our worktop will enhance the design of your interior for the years to come.