Granite worktops are among the most popular products that we craft, as a company. Appearance and durability are the core attractions of this kind of countertop. Granite always looks great. As a clean and rich looking stone it really catches the eye, becoming a stylistic statement as you enter the kitchen. The fact that the stone is available in a range of colourations and performs highly as a heavily used surface makes it a real dynamic stone choice. It gains a great rating across the worktop industry.

A real draw is that granite is one of the hardest types of stone after diamond, in fact we use diamond tipped tools to work with it. This doesn’t slow down our ability to get creative though, it just means that you not only get a worktop that fits your kitchen in style and shape, you get one that stands against heavy wear. Resistant to heat, stains, water resistant and tough, a granite worktop will last you for years while remaining modern and presentable. The natural properties of granite prevent the harbouring of bacteria, providing no place for cultures to develop. Easily maintained, you can be sure that granite is a great family solution too.

Granite Colours