How to take care of stone countertop

Stone countertops – key facts

Stone countertops have a lot of benefits which can’t be denied. They are highly durable and resistant to all kinds of factors. Heat, moist, humidity, impact or scratches can do no damage to stone countertops. They are perfectly fitted for kitchens, where busy everyday activity can be truly harmful for workspaces. To keep ithem in good condition it’s important to take proper care on a regular basis. To keep countertops clean and shiny at all times and in this way make them last long be sure to have few things done first. When installing your stone countertop make sure to have the surface sealed. Each stone needs different specially dedicated sealant which can keep it clean and boost its resistance. Proper sealant allows for long lasting resistance to harmful factors and makes countertop powerfully non-porous. All the groves naturally encountered in natural stone surfaces are filled and it’s impossible for liquids to penetrate them. After, you have your kitchen countertop installed and sealed you’re ready to think over your daily care. How to take care of stone countertop? Below you can find a few relevant ideas

Stone countertops – methods of cleaning

Keeping your stone countertop clean is not a particularly difficult task, but it’s good to follow some rules and act on a regular basis. First of all, when cleaning stone countertop make sure to use a soft cloth. Forget about abrasive hard surfaced cleaning tools or sponges. With natural stone they can only damage the surface. Always use ph natural cleanser or mild detergents dedicated to given stones. Don’t ever use strong detergents or acid liquids. They may destroy you countertop surface and definitely won’t help you to keep it clean. Natural soap and warm water are a way to go. Remember to wipe the countertop on a daily basis. Use soft cloth soaked in soapy water or sprinkled with a few drops of detergent. If you keep it regular you won’t allow any dirt to stick and penetrate the surface. Always rinse the surface and then wipe it dry. In case of spills it’s important to wipe them dry immediately. Remember to let the cloth soak the liquid, never spread it all over the surface to dry it easier or faster. These are just the basic rules to follow when cleaning your countertop. How to take care of stone countertop in other ways then described?

While stone countertops are highly durable don’t push it. Hence, never put hot pans or pots directly on the surface. While stones surfaces are mostly heat resistant long exposure can also damage them or make them weaker. Try to also protect countertops from absorbing liquids. Common mistake is to put glasses or cups on the surface without coasters. In this way countertops is subjected to moist and spills. Finally, when you have to deal with marks left form for example coffee or other substances, wipe the spots with specially easily prepared paste. Just mix a little of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and use the paste on the spot. Then remember to wipe it clean and dry. Sometimes if it’s an old mark leave the paste overnight (cover it with a dry cloth) and then remove in the morning. If there is a case when you need to disinfect the surface use a  cloth with a few drops of strong alcohol. Wipe it all over the surface and it should disinfect the countertop.