Short history of London kitchens

Kitchens in the past

Famous book entitled The Birth of the English Kitchen 1600-1850 analyses the birth of early modern kitchen as we know it today. It’s an amazing study, which intertwines the beginnings and development of kitchen with historical perspective, gender construction, role of husband and wife and even politics. It all bagan when simple hearth started to fulfil important function in creating houses and concept of home in general. The act of sitting around the hearth in the 17th century houses became an organizing principle in creating homes. Over the times, the founding idea of having hot meal and satisfying the hunger evolved and kitchen became the space fulfilling other needs as well. The need to socialise or the need to create and maintain social roles are just a few examples. One thing is certain, kitchen remains a highly uncharted territory when it comes to analysing the role of space with regards to human life and activities.

London kitchens today

Since kitchens are still unexplored territory when it comes to explaining human lives it’s interesting to learn their history and meaning in the past. Still, it’s important not to forget about modern day kitchens and what we can learn about today’s world from the way today’s kitchens are organized. London kitchens today are first of all in harmony with modern style’s indicators (see more here www.) Modern style indicators are: simplicity, minimalism, natural materials and easiness. In practice modern day kitchen looks spacious (although it’s not always big) and inviting. Everything is carefully arranged and has its own place. The space is not cluttered or abundant with decorative elements. The furniture is all about straight lines and clean cut edges. All is polished and smooth. Appliances are set into kitchen cabinets and not obvious at first sight. The materials used are all natural, for example natural stones or wood. The colours are bright and natural as well.

London kitchens – modern perspective

London kitchens now are most of the times designed to follow the distinguishing features of modern styles. What does this modern arrangement of kitchen space tell us of ourselves? Is it possible to interpret the meaning only on the basis of space organisation and usage of materials? Small thought experiment is always worth a try. Modern kitchen remains the very heart of our homes. What’s more, it’s carefully fitted to meet our different needs and once again make us remember the important role of family gatherings. Kitchen islands, which are gaining momentum now, accumulate extra space to make it possible to not only prepare meal but also eat together. Modern kitchen design attempts to get the family back together and with them their time. Careful arrangement and smart usage of space shows how time is valued now more than ever. Our today’s world is based on efficient usage of time and is accelerating even now. Carefully planned space allows for fast and efficient movement. In our modern kitchen we can navigate easily and make everything faster and faster.