We are experts in producing & installing the finest quartz, granite, marble or ceramic worktops and surfaces.


Kitchen Worktops

A worktop is not just another practical surface, it’s a real feature of your kitchen. Regardless of the kind of stone which you choose, you can be proud of the bespoke working surface our experts deliver and install. With three fantastic kinds of stone to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste.

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granite worktops

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are among the most popular products that we craft, as a company. Appearance and durability are the core attractions of this kind of countertop.

Granite always looks great. As a clean and rich looking stone it really catches the eye, becoming a stylistic statement as you enter the kitchen. The fact that the stone is available in a range of colourations and performs highly as a heavily used surface makes it a real dynamic stone choice. It gains a great rating across the worktop industry.

A real draw is that granite is one of the hardest types of stone after diamond, in fact we use diamond tipped tools to work with it. This doesn’t slow down our ability to get creative though, it just means that you not only get a worktop that fits your kitchen in style and shape, you get one that stands against heavy wear.

Resistant to heat, stains, water resistant and tough, a granite worktop will last you for years while remaining modern and presentable. The natural properties of granite prevent the harbouring of bacteria, providing no place for cultures to develop. Easily maintained, you can be sure that granite is a great family solution too.

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Quartz Worktops

While we offer a range of natural stone worktops, we also offer the beautiful and versatile man-made quartz surface. When we say man-made the quartz worktop is a brilliant composite material, 93% quartzia and 3% resin. The resin allows much more creative control over the quartz stone. The remaining composition generally is made up of decorative ingredients. Due to it being a man-made composite, quartz is available in a range of over 30 different colours. Quartz can be manufactured to a specific colour or to mimic the natural veins and textures of granite and marble.

Quartz is extremely strong. Due to it’s high-impact resistance this material is almost never prone to chip or break. As a working surface it holds well against rough use, is resistant to acid and strong heat. Unlike natural stones quartz is very simple to maintain. It’s non-porous, will not require polish and only needs a regular easy wipe down with a cloth. With very little effort these worktops remain stunning, clean and modern. Quartz worktops give you brilliant creative freedom in terms of design while competing brilliantly with natural stone surfaces.

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Marble Worktops

Marble is a historically beautiful material. While it is only available in the small range of colours in which it naturally occurs, marble always makes for a stunning surface. Used throughout the centuries in building design and artistic sculpting, the veined stone is instantly recognisably rich. Marble has always been a popular choice with our clientele and is an industry favourite. We source our natural marble from high-quality suppliers crafting the stone into a templated shape that you need, just as workable as granite.

Marble is easy to look after and a fantastically practical surface. Able to withstand tough treatment, due to it’s hardness and density, our marble worktop solutions will pass the test of time. Like the Roman and Greek statues that still stand after 2000 years of history, you can expect serious longevity from marble. Throughout it’s long life it keeps it’s rich textures and quality, meaning that for years your classy marble worktop will wow visitors to your home. We’ve been dealing with marble in worktop design and manufacture for a number of years now, and our brilliant consultants will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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Bathroom Worktops

PM Granite offer a wide range of bathroom solutions also using our natural stone.

The versatility and creative vision of our craftsmen allow us to impress customers the length of the M-25.

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Marble Bathrooms

Our range of fine marbles sourced from across the globe by fantastic suppliers who deliver it straight to us. Our gorgeous marble will bring elegance and charm to a modern bathroom, no matter the size. As boutique hotels become increasingly popular, they have inspired many of their guests to start reimagining their own bathroom or shower suites. The warmth of the veined colourisation of the marble makes it a luxuriously natural feeling feature.

Getting creative with this type of stone can really pay off in terms of room aesthetic. Marble can be used across the board in the bathroom from sink counters to wall paneling and flooring. Marble wall panel design, in particular, was extremely popular in 2012. With identically patterned marble slabs placed alongside one another, the goal is to create a symmetrical focal point which is very contemporary. This kind of feature is just one of many ways that marble can be utilised stylistically. A marble bathroom can dramatically increase the value of your home too. We love working with customers to realise their imagined ideas. No project is too difficult for our intuitive team. Contact us today.


Quartz composite bathrooms

As a great composite of natural quartz and man-made ingredients, engineered quartz stone is the technologically modern alternative for bathroom surfaces and designs. Quartz is extremely durable, water and heat resistant. It makes a great material for use in the bathroom, very easy to maintain and keep clean. It’s a popular choice amongst our clients who tend to love what it can add design-wise to a bathroom. Quartz is completely versatile in terms of colour and style while also retaining many of the physical properties of the natural stone that we also work with. It’s as easily manufactured and customised too.

Our team of professionals offer a full templating and fitting service that makes the whole transition to quartz bathroom simple for you, our customer. The quartz can be modelled for vanity tops or for unique quartz wall panels for bathrooms and wet rooms. Quartz, as a man-made composite, can be manufactured in a massive range of colours and texture infusions. Quartz will save you money while appearing as authentic and stunning as it’s natural counterparts.


Vanity Tops

Your bathroom should bring out your own unique personal taste, you’ll be using it every day. Exclusive and bespoke vanity top designs and styles can enrich a space and offer an exciting alternative to boring stock bathroom counter tops. Here at PM Granite capitalise space, even in smaller bathrooms. Creating practical space is a massive part of the modern styles we offer. Available in a range of materials, from granite to marble, vanity tops can be constructed to taste. Sinks can be cut into the vanity counter surface or fit above.

The vanity top itself can be manufactured to a template that fits a particular design aesthetic, shape and depth can all be customised by our stone masons. We’ll compensate for taps or troughs to create a seamless piece of counter top that appears not only modern but unique as a bathroom feature that all guests will notice.

The entire process will be effortless on your part. You can trust our consultants to be a useful part of the design process, discussing all elements of your vanity top so that it works co-operatively with the overall bathroom style that you are trying to achieve.

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Walls and Floors

Tiling is the standard modern wall and floor solution when it comes to bathroom or even kitchen. The major advantage of tiling is that it is highly hygienic. In an environment like your bathroom, walls are often subject to serious condensation and water exposure. Most soft wall types would fall away, hence tiling emerged as an effective alternative.

The greatest aesthetic advantage of floor and wall tiling is that there are thousands upon thousands of styles, colours and textures. You’re put in complete control of how you’d like it to appear. As professionals that work in stonemasonry and the installation of heavy countertops, we also undertake tiling jobs. With years of experience crafting bespoke flooring solutions, nothing is too difficult. We can work bespoke designs through the tiling or flooring to create something truly unique and impressive. You can bring us your own tiles or allow us to help you find a reputable supplier. Whether its your floor or wall tiling, our experts are on hand to help get your bathroom as you want it. Undertaking all kinds of tiling projects, from vinyl, wooden, ceramic, porcelain and clay, we’ll fit your walls and flooring to perfection.

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Glass Splashbacks

To bring luxury and elegance to any bathroom, you should ask about our fantastically affordable glass splash backs. Glass that is cut and installed by our expert team will bring a freshness to your bathroom. The contemporary glass splash back solution plays a significant part in the protection of your tiling and walls as well as looking the part.

The toughened glass panels come as standard and can cover any width of space you desire. Our excellent manufacturing service will accommodate shower rails and any other cut outs. They easily maintain their look, with a simple wipe down and buff they will keep on sparking. Fresh, hygienic and modern, glass splash backs can also give the illusion of space in even a small bathroom area.

With design and style that works in context with that of your bathroom, we can craft a bespoke glass splash back that fits exactly where you want it to and looks exactly how you want it to. We’ll offer you consultation throughout the process all the way through to installation.

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