How to make quartz slabs – find the origins

Quartz – basic information

Quartz is a really interesting material. It appears in many shapes and forms. It can be used as it’s formed and found or it can be playfully engineered and made into a number of things. Yet, basically it’s valued for its interesting qualities. To even start thinking of quartz it’s good to learn a little about this curious mineral, its remarkable qualities and the processes that stand behind making quartz into forms that we know. One of the more interesting quartz appliances are quartz countertops. It’s good to imagine one, or maybe it’s enough to take a look at your kitchen and take a few moments to think how to make quartz slabs that can later form the very kitchen countertop. Let’s start easy – what is quartz?

Quartz is a mineral that is commonly found all over Earth. In terms of chemistry it’s silicon dioxide that can be easily found in all kinds of rocks no matter the process that stand behind forming them. Quartz in its purest form is crystal and transparent, but it can be found in many different colors. Interestingly, the more of pure quartz minerals in a given rock the more sparkly it is. Just think of granite that partly consist of quartz, which can have really different levels of sparkle. Where can you find quartz and how to make quartz slabs? Quartz can be found in various shapes and sizes. It’s generally mined from larger deposits and later undergoes a number of processes which make it into slabs, pure crystals later to be used in jewelry or other forms. All the methods depend on quartz applications.

How to make quartz slabs from raw mineral

One of very frequent uses of quartz are quartz kitchen countertops. To be even able to make quartz into countertop first suppliers need to have quartz slabs, which are professionally processed and turned from raw material into partly processed one, ready to be cut, fitted and installed in a given customers kitchen. Before even answering the question how to make quartz slabs, you need to be aware that quartz slabs are engineered and made from mixed materials. How it works? Raw materials, mostly quartz and some other necessary elements to keep the whole together, are mixed and then blended together. At this stage you decide on the color of a given slab. You choose particular mixers which make all of slab’s color. Later, when all the ingredients are in place everything is placed in a mold and pressed to form a few centimeters slab.

This slab is then further processed. It can be polished – here you decide on a different level of polish, your countertop may be all glossy and sparkly or completely matte. Its edges can be also cut in many different ways – you can have edges that look rough or clear cut ones, smooth and sleek. Finally, the fitting. Although, it seems like an easy part it may be tricky. Engineered quartz is of course durable and resistant to many harmful factors, yet it still needs to be tended carefully. There’s a risk even during the final process of fitting. Therefore, you need trusted suppliers who can help you all the way through, from the very choice, design to final installation in your house.