Designs of kitchen countertops

The most trendy designs of kitchen countertops.

Counter tops are said to be one of the most important kitchen elements. Because of this reason, it is very important to choose the proper material and design of counter tops you would like to buy. There are two main standards which perfect counter tops need to satisfy. Firstly, durability which is a guarantee of the long lasting and beautiful look of your kitchen.
Secondly, original design is this one which goes with your cabinets and the rest of your kitchen design. Thanks to technology, customers are provided with great variety of countertops finishes, designs and materials. All ideas presented in this article are really durable, but remember that no matter what material your countertops are made from, never cut anything directly on the surface. Moreover, keep your kitchen countertops clean. We do not also recommend using any abrasive cloths or sponges.
Always follow any manufacturer instructions related to what products you can use and how to use them to clean your counter tops. The first idea which you can introduce in your kitchen designs, is contrast. If you want to have white or grey cabinetry, the good idea would be to add colorful counter tops. Do not be afraid of some violent colors like green, violet, orange or yellow. Such combination would be really original and it will impress everyone.
The other idea we would like to propose are slab counter tops. Although it does not look gently but rather massive, your kitchen will be decorated in absolutely stylish manner. However, if you decide on such option, we recommend choosing more delicate colors. The effect of contrast is not advisable because counter tops will dominate in your kitchen, and there will be an impression that it is “too much and exaggerated”. Those customers who appreciate practicalness very much are advised to order wooden butcher counter tops. Such counter tops are designated are really useful but we do not advise you to cut it directly on any part of counter tops you wish to.
Colour of wood is considered warm, and it will go perfectly with some light colours like white, grey, light yellow or green. Moreover, to preserve great look of wooden counter tops, seal them with polyurethane on a regular basis. Undoubtedly, very practical are copper counter tops. The best advantage of this material are its natural antibacterial properties. It is dark, so the best colour for cabinetry with copper counter tops are all light colours. More extravagant variant will be pattern counter tops which breathe life into your plain counter tops.
Countertops will some patterns are also suitable for cabinets in light colours. The key point is the effect of contrasts. One of the most fashionable ideas are stainless cabinetry which will go with your all stainless appliances. The only disadvantage of this material is the fact that on the surface of stainless countertops, all stains are really visible and difficult to clean. No matter what design you go for, remember to keep in mind what we mention about colours, because it is the key aspect of each kitchen design.